Zelda Classic for OS X

zeldaimacI have always been a very big fan of the original Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda. I have played it through out my life on my NES and I still play it at home. Recently I have been looking for a way to play it on the go, like on my laptop without having to use a NES emulator and ROM.

I knew it had been ported to the PC under then name Zelda Classic a few years back. So I did some searching and I found a dedicated group of workers who still maintain working ports for OS X,Windows, and Linux.  One of the cool things about the ported version is it comes with a quest editor that allows you to essential add your own levels and story to the game. That’s purely optional though. If you just wanna play the good ol’ Zelda. Then go right a head with Zelda Classic for OS X.

Tested on OS 10.9

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