The NMBDR6x – A Blu-Ray drive for Apple’s newest Mac Pro

Getting a new Mac Pro? You may just want to look at picking up an NMBDR6x. Its a Mac Pro Blu-Ray drive

Mac Pro Blu Ray

The NMBDR6x by NuMac is a single cable solution for burning optical discs with Apple’s New Mac Pro. The round, low-profile design of the NMBDR6x allows the device to sit right beneath the Mac Pro while hardly being noticed. Both data and power are transferred through the built-in USB cable.

The NMBDR6x features next-gen Quad Layer burning support for Blu-Rays. This technology allows the burning of discs up to 128GB in capacity. 6x BDR burning (25GB & 50GB discs) and 4x burning for BDXL (100GB & 128GB discs). Dual Layer DVDs, DVDs, and CDs burn quickly and accurately on the NMBDR6x as well.

Firefox for PowerPC Macs

tenfourfoxThe TenFourFox app is FireFox in nature, but is individually optimized for PowerPC G3, G4, and G5 systems. It brings the advanced features of the web, like CSS, HTML5, and WebGL.

From the Google Code page- ”A port of modern Firefox to the Power Macintosh, supporting Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, with special features and optimizations for PowerPC processors and AltiVec. This project is not affiliated with nor supported by Mozilla in any way, and is not an official build. PowerPC forever!”

You can download TenFourFox and learn more here.

Zelda Classic for OS X

Zelda Classic 2.5 RC3 Released <-Article

Zelda Classic 2.5 RC3 (Lion – Intel Only) <-File
Zelda Classic Build 1331 (Snow Leopard/Leopard – Intel) <-File

I have always been a very big fan of the original Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda. I have played it through out my life on my NES and I still play it at home. Recently I have been looking for a way to play it on the go, like on my laptop without having to use a NES emulator and ROM.

I knew it had been ported to the PC under then name Zelda Classic a few years back. So I did some searching and I found a dedicated group of workers who still maintain working ports for OS X,Windows, and Linux.  One of the cool things about the ported version is it comes with a quest editor that allows you to essential add your own levels and story to the game. That’s purely optional though. If you just wanna play the good ol’ Zelda. Then go right a head withZelda Classic for OS X.*

*Note- This is the alpha version and is still slightly unstable